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Office of the Van Zandt County Treasurer

The County Treasurer occupies an important role in the fiscal operations of almost every county goverment in Texas. The office of County Treasurer was established in the Texas constitution in 1846.

Section 44 of Article XVI of the Texas Constitution provides:

"The legislature shall prescribe the duties and provide for the election by qualified voters of each county in the State, of a County Treasurer, who shall have an office at the County Seat, and hold the office for four years, and until their successors are qualified; and shall have such compensation as may be provided by law ."

The Texas Constitution, Article XVI, Section 44, and Section 113.003 of the Local Goverment Code and related statutes, provide for a County Treasurer and prescribed their duties as the chief custodian of county finance. Basic duties include, but not limited to, receiviing, keeping and accounting, paying, applying, and disbursing all monies belonging to the county from whatever source derived according to law. Additional duties include: origninal reconciliation and safekeeping of county bank accounts; fiscal officer of the Van Zandt County Juvenile Probation Department; Investment Officer of Van Zandt County.

There are 2 full time assistant treasurers. Divisions within the Treasurer's Office include Payroll, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable.

Van Zandt County Treasurer's Office Hours are:
8-5 Monday - Friday, the office is closed for lunch from 12:00 to 1:00.

County Treasurer:  Kenny Edwards

Assistant County Treasurer:  Irma Hayes

Assistant County Treasurer:  April TaWater

Address: 121 E. Dallas, Rm 101 Canton Texas 75103
Telephone: 903-567-2551
Fax: 903-567-7351

Email: treasurer@vanzandtcounty.org

Accounts Payable

Irma Hayes

Accounts Receivable
Irma Hayes

The Accounts Payable division of the Treasurer's Office
This division is responsible for processing all claims that are submitted for payment. The claims are audited for court approval and budget approval and are required to have all supporting documents for payment. All claims must be submitted to the treasurer's office by noon Wednesday before the court meets on the following Tuesday. A report is given to the Commissioners and the County Judge Monday prior to the court meeting on Tuesday, for their review.

The Accounts Receivable division for the Treasurer's Office
This division is responsible for processing all receipts on money turned in from other departments of the county. Receipts are issued to the departments, with the correct coding to revenue accounts. Deposits are made to the depository bank